Blitz Magazine: On the Business of Media Communications

Mike Cowan (August 2008)

The upswing of direct mail is no surprise. This is the age of ever-increasing media fragmentation, 'Do Not Call' registries, the growth of the Internet, and the emergence of other factors that have caused marketers to place a premium on one-to-one communications with consumers. Further, technologies have also made it easier than ever to measure ROI on marketing dollars, putting an added burden on marketers to justify their strategies. Overcoming such challenges has led to smarter solutions.

Kristie Painting (November 2008)

No single innovation has democratized our world more than the Internet. With no more barriers to entry than a laptop and something to say, personal websites have flourished. And while the thrill of seeing your words writ large in cyberspace holds an undeniable appeal, many armchair publishers seek a greater dream of their achievements being recognized with monetary reward. But the vast majority of websites are never monetized. However, if financial gain is part of the game plan, here are a few vital requirements.

David Cravit (November 2008)

Imagine that's it 1980 and you're 65 years old.

What have your life experiences been? How much longer do you think you're going to live? How much longer are people around you living? And how do the answers to those questions shape your behavior in the marketplace – and, thus, the attitude of the sales and marketing community toward you?


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